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4. PAZ

Peace" is the fourth group that works for the absence of violence in order to create peaceful societies. This group promotes human dignity.


UN Register of Conventional Arms: Transparency in armaments can help determine whether destabilizing or excessive accumulations of weapons are occurring. 

OHCHR and the mechanisms we support work on a wide range of human rights issues. Learn more about each issue, see who is involved and access the latest news, reports, events and more.

a place to explore the latest evidence, research and data critical to ending all forms of violence against children. 

UN space created to help countries overcome the hard road between conflict and peace.

This paper outlines a set of practical steps across the full range of disarmament issues, including weapons of mass destruction, conventional weapons and future weapons technologies. It seeks to generate new perspectives and explore areas where serious dialogue is needed to make disarmament the focus of common efforts for peace and security.

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