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VHL Colombia Cooperating Centers

The VHL Colombia Collaboration network is made up of those institutions that produce health information and that have adopted the VHL model as a strategy to promote their scientific production, encourage research and make knowledge available to all. For this reason, these institutions are called Cooperating Centers of the VHL Colombia. They work in a network, integrating efforts to guarantee the continuous updating of the VHL Colombia and to widely encourage the use of its resources.

Each institution that joins the Collaboration Network as a cooperating center strengthens the VHL Colombia as a public good, increasing the visibility, accessibility, quality, credibility, and the use and impact of the scientific and technical literature produced in the country and in the Region.

How to join the Network

Those institutions interested in joining the Collaboration Network as Cooperating Centers, please contact the VHL Colombia Coordination at the following e-mail address:

     Cooperating Centers by Region

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