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Colombia Health Bulletins

In this section you can find relevant information on health promotion, prevention, development and services programs offered by entities producing health information in the country.

  • The Biweekly National Epidemiological Report (IQEN) is a publication of the National Institute of Health of Colombia whose main purpose is to disseminate works that contribute to the broadening of knowledge in epidemiology and public health. IQEN mainly publishes short papers (less than 15 pages) in Spanish, mainly outbreak studies, other field studies (field trials and community trials); articles and final reports of epidemiological research (descriptive, prevalence, case-control, cohort, experimental and ecological studies, among others) and evaluations of surveillance systems. Consult here
  • The objective of the Weekly Epidemiological Bulletin - BES is to update and disseminate the epidemiological behavior of events of public health interest in the country and to inform about changes in the territorial entities, promoting general access to information. Consult here

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